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Co-Sleeping with Your Baby... is it safe for YOU??

Let's discuss your options regarding co-sleeping because we want you INFORMED, not afraid!

Welcome to your my blog. Thank you for taking time to read and time to gather information so that you can make the best choice for your family.

Fear cannot be the driving force behind our decision making. We must be informed. And that means the choices we make may look different than what we are accustomed to...

What is co-sleeping anyway? Co-sleeping is basically sleeping close to your baby. There are many ways to do this SAFELY.


1. Bedsharing is probably the most attacked form of co-sleeping. But there are ways to do it safely. If you are exclusively nursing, NOT smoking, NOT taking any medications co-sleeping may be an option for you. But it should only happen in your bed (not on the couch). If you don't fit these guidelines there are still other safe ways to co sleep!

2. This is still co-sleeping! There are so many products for sale, but you I think the most cost effective way to do this version of co sleeping is to take one side of your crib off. This way you can push your bed close and still keep your baby safe while sleeping. Make sure that you have no gaps between your bed and the crib and no extra blankets or toys in the babies crib.

These are the two most popular forms of co-sleeping but what are benefits?

Parents often get a lot more sleep because babies often sleep better when they are close to their parents. Imagine what it would be like to feel safe and warm while jamming to your favorite heartbeat for 9 months and then entire this world and be forced to be far away from all you know... that can be traumatic for infants. Off my soapbox... more benefits are easier night nursing sessions, reduced chance of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome),No night time separation anxiety and a happy baby.

I hope this helps you feel like you have safe options to co-sleeping. Please reach out with any questions this blog have have left you with.

Remember, everyone has different feelings about parenting styles, if it doesn't feel right for you... TRUST YOUR GUT :-)

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