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Water Birth

De la Flor Midwifery Can Help You Achieve Your Goal of A Natural Water Birth.

Have you been researching your options for the birth of your baby? If so, you've likely come across the water birth option. You may have even been brave enough to watch a video of one or two of water birth experiences. If you are interested in water birth we are happy to meet all of your birth needs. Everyone deserves the right to choose the birth experience that most aligns with them. We help empower families in the area by supporting their birth plans for home birth and water births.

What is water birth exactly? Water birth is when someone delivers their baby into water that is a bath like  temperature. The benefits are well studied and immense. Some women who decide not to have a water birth for various reasons choose at minimum hydrotherapy so that they can receive some of the pre-birth laboring benefits such as pain reduction, increased relaxation, and possibly decreased chance of tears during delivery. Water birth allows a mother and baby to experience relaxation. And it permits the baby to be born into the warmth and an environment much like the womb. It is all done naturally, peacefully, and slowly. Often the fathers, partners and/or other family members will want to sit in the waters with the mother as a support person. We provide birth pools for all clients at no cost, but ask that clients cover the cost of the pool liner. Contact us to learn more about your home birth and water birth options.

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