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Pregnancy Support

De la Flor Midwifery Offers Pregnancy Support and Counseling.

Everyone deserves pregnancy support throughout their life. At De la Flor Midwifery we offer the support you need through all walks of pregnancy and fertility. We have a system that provides pregnant families with all the medical care and support they need from the moment they discover they are expecting all the way through to home birth and postpartum care. At De la Flor Midwifery we support women and we are here for you during this momentous time in your life. Midwifery training is extensive and we have experience with all types of birthing situations. The safety and comfort of you and your baby is our first priority.

If you are in need of fertility counseling contact us for a consultation. We facilitate a caring, nurturing, and healing environment to help people from all walks of life. Many couples struggle to conceive in the first year of trying. It is more common than you may realize. Whatever the cause of your fertility problems we can help with fertility counseling to start on the path to solving the puzzle and connecting you to the providers you may need to see. We offer nutritional, supplement, stress management and fertility education so you can understand your cycle to improve your chance conception. Empowering families and helping them on their journey to parenthood and beyond is all a part of pregnancy support and midwifery care. If you have had trouble conceiving or would like advice on nutrition and cycles before you even begin to try, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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