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Tiffany Townsend, LM,CPM, CLC

Tiffany Townsend, LM,CPM, CLC

Certified Professional Midwife, Doula,

Certified Lactation Counselor, Placenta Encapsulator

Tiffany knows and understands that how we are welcomed into the world makes a huge impact on the rest of our lives. She is commited to educating families about their options and doing all that she can to remove the fears associated with the process of natural physiologic birth. 


She has served her community as a birth worker, support group facilitator and lactation counselor for over 5 years. She began her journey in 2014 and her passion guided her path to midwifery. Having attended over 600 births in many capacities she felt it was important to be able to offer a more holistic approach to care. Tiffany feels that it is vital to understand that pregnancy and birth are not a one size fits all approach. Everyone should be cared for according to their individual needs. 


Her training and education have been completed through various organizations.

-Abuelita Parteras (Grandmother Midwives)

- Maternidad La Luz, MEAC Accredited 

- Midwives College of Utah

-Indigenous Communities of Mexico

-DONA International.  


Tiffany has also successfully completed the NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation Program). This and hands on experience allows her to use all necessary skills to ensure that home birth is a safe option for all low risk pregnancies. 


Tiffany also spent time in Mexico learning under traditional Partera’s (Midwives), so she has a range of ancient skills as well as current medical training. 


It is important for her to honor birth as a natural physiologic occurrence.


A Note From Tiffany:

If  you are searching for a home birth Midwife that posses a combination of traditional and modern skills, I’d be honored to answer any questions you may have about the services I offer. I provide care tailored to the wants and needs of each individual client. Having worked with herbs, homeopathy, moxibustion as well as western medicine, I understand that there are many approaches to care through the prenatal and postpartum period. If you have questions regarding services, please contact me.


De la Flor Midwifery believes that pregnancy and birth are a normal physiologic processes. Both pregnancy and birth are significant experiences which require support from family, friends, community and your birth team. It is vital that our clients feel safe, heard and well cared for in order to establish a safe space for discussing all aspects of care.​


As midwives we support and protect our clients human and reproductive rights. We also honor and respect cultural, ethnic, sexual and religious diversity. ​ 


The care we offer is holistic because we understand that pregnancy is a mind, body and spirit experience. ​An important part of our work is to equip each person with the knowledge they need to make well informed decisions regarding their care.

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