Home Birth Package

  • One Hour Prenatal Visits

    • One visit per month from first visit month until week 28

    • Bi-weekly from 28- 36 weeks

    • Home Visit at 37 weeks

    • Weekly from week 38 until birth

    • Postpartum Visits: 1 Day, 5 Day, 12 day and 6 week 

  • Home Visit

    • 37 Week Prenatal Appointment will be held in your home

    • 1 day Postpartum Visit will also be done in your home

  • Lending Library

  • Personalized Care

  • Birth Attendance and Immediate Postpartum Care

  • Counseling and Availability 24/7

Water Birth

If you are interested in a water birth we rent our birth pools at no cost, you would be required to purchase your own liner for the birth pool.

Well Woman Check

Including pap smear, labs, general health assessment, and formalization of wellness plan.

Lactation Support

We have a team of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants as well as Certified Lactation Counselors. If you need assistance please contact our office to schedule an in home appointment.

Fertility & Insemination

We provide pre-conception consultation visits to individuals and couples who would like to conceive using fresh sperm! A consultation can include: creating a plan for preparing your body to become pregnant; nutrition, supplement and stress management advice. We will help you understand how your cycle works and how to track signs of fertility and review your medical history and risk factors. Well-person care such as PAPs can also be provided, if needed.

  • Personal and empowering preconception care

  • IUI: In home

  • Fertility Counseling

Doula Support:

Labor & Postpartum

De la Flor Midwifery also has a network of Labor and Postpartum Doulas that we can connect you with. Contact us for more information! 

Sneak Peek

SneakPeek is an early gender DNA test. It is done by drawing a small amount of blood via venipuncture at our office. To make an appointment please call our office.