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Bajos or Yoni steaming is an ancient practice to support feminine health. Every Yoni/ vulva has the ability to self clean, steaming simply aids with the medicine of the herb.

With your purchase I will analyze your cycle and create a blend that is specific to your needs.

Bajo/ Yoni SteamingBenefits

  • Removing stagnation from womb
  • Helps to get rid of BV 
  • Helps irregular cycles
  •  Increases fertility
  • Reduces cramping during cycle
  • Menopausal relief 
  • Helps vaginal dryness
  • Heals hemorrhoids 
  • Helps heal womb trauma
  • And so much more

I will also teach you how to steam yourself from the comfort of your own home (you don't need a steaming stool). 

*The $199.99 price does include your herbal blend.

Yoni Steam Consultation & herbs

SKU: 364115376135191
  • After your interview with me I will mail you your customized herbal yoni blend.

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