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Tiffany Townsend, LM,CPM, CLC

Partera | Doula | Comadrona | Consultora de lactancia, Encapsuladora de Placenta

Tiffany deeply understands the profound impact that our entrance into the world can have on the course of our lives. Her unwavering commitment lies in helping families understand their birthing options and alleviating fears associated with the natural process of giving birth; through education.

For over 7 years, she has dedicated herself to serving her community as a birth worker, support group facilitator, and lactation counselor. Tiffany's journey began in 2014, fueled by her passion for midwifery. Having been part of more than 600 births in various roles, she realized the importance of providing personalized and wholistic care. She firmly believes that each pregnancy and birth is unique, and every individual's needs should be valued and met.

Her extensive training and education come various communities and organizations:

  • Abuelita Parteras (Grandmother Midwives)

  • Maternidad La Luz, MEAC Accredited

  • Midwives College of Utah

  • Indigenous Communities of Mexico

  • DONA International

  • ALP

Tiffany's expertise is further strengthened by her successful completion of the NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation Program). This, combined with her hands-on experience, allows her to use all necessary skills to ensure the safety of home births for low-risk pregnancies. Additionally, she has embraced the wisdom of traditional Parteras (Midwives) during her time in Mexico, gaining a diverse skill set that combines ancient practices with modern medical training.

Honoring birth as a natural and beautiful event remains a core value for Tiffany.


Candace Dru, CLC

Meet our Apprentice

Candace Maria Dru, a native of Columbia, SC, serves her community in various roles, including being a Holistic Lactation Consultant, Herbalist, and Midwife Apprentice. Her most cherished title, however, is Mommy, given to her by her two children, Cruz and Ella-Céleste, who inspire her in her work related to birth. Candace values lifelong learning. She received her formal education in Columbia's public school systems and later pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Health Management and Family Studies from Coastal Carolina University. She has also acquired multiple certifications, including Certified Lactation Counselor, Phlebotomist, and South Carolina State Board Certified Nursing Assistant. Furthermore, she is working towards obtaining her CPM, LM, and pursuing a Master of Arts in Developmental Psychology.


Candace is the founder Palmetto Perinatal Services, a non-profit organization aiming to address the disparities in infant mortality rates in South Carolina. She plans to open a Perinatal clinic in the fall, providing effective perinatal education and support services to Black American families, with the goal of creating a brighter future for all families in the state. By improving maternal and infant health outcomes, they strive to contribute to a healthier and more equitable society.


Follow and support her journey on social media @CandaceMariaDru.

Mi Filosofia

De la Flor Midwifery cree que el embarazo y el parto/nacimiento son procesos fisiológicos normales. Que son experiencias significativas que requieren el apoyo de tus familiares, amigos, comunidad y equipo de parto. Es vital que nuestros clientes se sientan seguros, escuchados, y muy bien cuidados para poder establecer un espacio seguro para tratar todos los aspectos de cuidado. Como parteras apoyamos y protegemos los derechos humanos y reproductivos; al igual que honramos y respetamos la diversidad cultural, étnica, sexual y religiosa. El cuidado que ofrecemos es holístico ya que entendemos que el embarazo es una experiencia de mente, cuerpo y espíritu. Una importante parte de nuestro trabajo es equipar a cada persona con el conocimiento que necesitan para tomar una decisión bien informada acerca de su cuidado.

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